Week 35: The things and news in Finance which made our jaws drop

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We are again basis feedback changing the content of our newsletter. Over the course of last 4-5 newsletter, we had deviated from our original stand of brining information from finance which made you say WTF!! Be it around stock analysis, mis-selling, borrowing etc.

So we are going back to our roots now.

This week we look at assets which moved the most in this week and looked at analysis like why there are just two companies in India in which a large fund can put $1billion.

Also, please scroll down to see a chart which tells you how easy is it to hack your password—time to relook at all your passwords, especially the bank account ones.

Asset of the week: One which you should never buy!!


  1. Why there are just 2 companies where large funds can invest?

    If a multi-billion dollar fund wishes to invest $1 billion (₹7,500 cr) in an India listed company and wants to own less than 1% of the company so that it can exit whenever it wants without much impact on the stock price (called impact cost), then it has an option of only two companies. 

  2. How to earn $146,194-Per-Year Income Portfolio? Not gains but income!!

    That's by design. About half of the $146,194 in investment income will come from Hayford's annuity and the lone bond. The other half will come from a very deliberate investment process in dividend stocks. On a 1995 trip to Tahiti (where he lived for 25 years), Hayford sat down with a legal pad, pen, and his collection of stock tickers

  3. How shallow is the Indian Equity market?

  4. Impact of Moratorium on NBFC’s

    "Smaller / mid-sized and AA or lower rated / unrated NBFCs have been shunned by both banks and markets, accentuating the liquidity tensions faced by NBFCs which was also reflected in the lacklustre response to the targeted long-term repo operations 2.0 (TLTRO 2.0)," it said.

Chart of Week: Change your password

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